No Trends Here…

A recent post from FLW Fishing on the baits used by the top 10 finishers at Lake Seminole showed some interesting trends…

1. Winner Clint Brown – Bass Pro Shops buzzbait, Okeechobee craw-colored Bruiser Baits Intruder,Dirty Jigs swimjig (shad pattern)
2. Ken Ellis – whacky-rigged watermelon red-colored Zoom Trick Worm
3. Tim Reneau – 1¼-ounce Strike King Hack Attack jig in blue craw and candy craw tipped with Strike King Rage Tail Rage Bugs
4. Scott Wiley – rainforest black-colored SPRO Bronzeye Frog 65
5. John Hunter – powder blue/chartreuse-colored Strike King 10XD, Texas-rigged Zoom Ol’ Monster plum worm
6. Rodger Beaver – Carolina-rigged 6-inch Zoom Lizard, 1/2-ounce Strikezone Master Blaster spinnerbait, 1/2-ounce Buddha Bait spinnerbait.
7. Clayton Batts – citrus shad-colored SPRO Little John DD, a 1-ounce Strikezone Ledgebuster spinnerbait, a Strikezone Master Blaster 3/4-ounce spinnerbait, Big Bite Baits B2 Worm.
8. John Bitter – junebug blue silver-colored Bitter’s Best Value 8-inch ribbontail worm
9. Bradley Enfinger – 11-inch plum apple-colored NetBait C-Mac on a ¼-ounce Texas rig
10.Sven Hilland – Heddon One Knocker Spook, a sun gill-colored Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper, Keitech Swing Impact FAT on a ½-ounce Sworming Hornet Weedless Fish Head Spin, drop-shot Zoom Swamp Crawler

No trends here...So we have buzzbait, swimjig and trailer, whacky rigged trick worm, jig with blue craw, topwater frog, crankbait, Texas rigged giant worm, Carolina rigged lizard, spinnerbait, spinnerbait, crankbait, spinnerbait, worm, worm, Texas rigged giant worm, topwater spook, swimbait, fish head spin jig, drop shot.

Wait a minute, there doesn’t seem to be a statistically significant trend here. In fact, it seems that pretty much everything caught fish on this lake during the tournament.

Just goes to show that sometimes, if the fish are willing, there are a multitude of techniques that will work on the same body of water. Although it doesn’t necessarily happen that often, if you do find yourself in this scenario, find where the fish are and use something that you’re confident in and you should be able to put fish in the boat. Remember, statistics don’t lie…

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